The Project

DESTRUCTION OF TIME will be an essayistic documentary cross media experiment about the interrelations between chess, art, science, metaphysics and philosophy.

How do you transform the complexity of chess into art, and vice versa? How is life in „Chess City“ in Kalmykia, a federal subject of Russia? And what´s the story about establishing chess as the state religion here? Was Napoleon able to defeat the world´s first chess machine? And why was the name of that machine „The Turk“? What´s the role of chess in neurosciences? Is chess really a war game? And how did it help Stanley Kubrick directing his movies? When will chess boxing finally become an olympic discipline? Why did Bobby Fischer´s escape end in Iceland, the place where King Canute had his chess board opponent murdered 1000 years ago? Can chess help to overcome the borders of imagination? Can chess drive you insane? Or can the meaning of life be found in chess?

We will search for answers to these and many other questions in a playful and associative way.